Fast Facts

• Department of Biomedical Engineering
  Established in December, 2000
  First in SUNY system

• Undergraduate Major in Biomedical Engineering
  First in SUNY, highest ranked in SUNY
  ABET Accredited, first in SUNY

• MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering
  First in SUNY, highest ranked in SUNY
  MSTP (MD/PhD dual degree) participation

• 20 Core Faculty:
  Approximately $8M in research expenditures by core faculty, including:
• National Institutes of Health
• Department of Energy
• U.S. Army & DARPA
• National Science Foundation
• National Space Biomedical Research Institute
• American Heart Association
• Coulter Foundation
• NY Science, Technology & Academic Research (NYSTAR)
  Committed to translational research
• 35 issued patents, 14 pending, and over 30 active disclosures
• Formation of six companies

• Center for Bioengineering
  New 30,000 gsf Building since January 2010

• Over 60 Program Faculty:
  School of Medicine
  College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  Brookhaven National Laboratory
  Center for Functional Nanomaterials
  National Synchrotron Light Source
  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

• 64 students in grad program (Fall 2015, without accelerated MS students)
  Highest academic qualifications (GRE & GPA) at Stony Brook
  Average GPA: 3.73 and GRE: q: 755 v:550
  44% female (without accelerated MS students)

• 383 students in undergrad program (Fall 2015)
  Approximately 175 students in the biomedical engineering aera of interest
  (Fall 2015)
  Approximately 31% female (highest in College of Engineering)
  Highest academic qualifications (SAT & GPA) at Stony Brook

• Statistics for all currently enrolled undergraduate students:
  Current average Stony Brook GPA (3.8), Average High School GPA (95/100) and
  Average SAT Scores (Math:705, Verbal 625)

• Areas of Research Emphasis Include:
  Biomechanics & Biomaterials
  Bioelectricity & Bioimaging
  Tissue Engineering
  Bioinstrumentation and Biosignal Processing
  Cell & Molecular Bioengineering