Post-Baccalaureate in Biomedical Engineering

The Post-Baccalaureate in Biomedical Engineering (PB-BME) Program is designed for students who have at least a bachelor's degree in the life sciences or liberal arts (and in some cases engineering or physics degrees) who wish to pursue graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering (BME). However, their undergraduate degrees do not qualify them for direct admission to the graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering (PIBE). Applicants who fit this criterion may apply to the PB-BME program and after completion, then segue into the PIBE where they can earn a MS or a PhD degree in BME. PB-BME candidates must submit a complete application and have successfully completed the equivalent of one semester of college-level calculus and obtained a grade of "B" or higher before admission to the program. As the School for Professional Development (SPD) graduate students, they will be required to complete undergraduate core engineering and science courses with an overall grade point average greater than a "B" (3.0 out of 4.0). If an applicant has previously satisfied a sufficient number of undergraduate core requirements, it is possible to complete the MS degree requirements in two years of full-time enrollment. Part-time students take proportionally additional time to complete the program.

To apply to the BME Post-Baccalaureate Program, the application should be submitted directly to the School for Professional Development (SPD). Information on the SPD application and how to submit it can be found on the SPD website. Students should apply for admission to the SPD as a "non-matriculated" graduate student. Once admitted as such, then you will be able to take whatever undergraduate courses are necessary to fulfill the requirements for the BME Post-Baccalaureate Program. To decide what courses to take, students should compare their undergraduate transcript with the list of courses highlighted below. Then, they should create a list of which undergraduate courses that they believe they have already fulfilled and which they propose to take. Then, they should email that list to the BME Graduate Program Director, who will review the proposed course list, make any necessary revisions and email back an approved course list. This can also be done by setting up an appointment with the BME Graduate Program Director. Students can begin the Post-Bac program at the beginning of any semester and as a full-time or part-time non-matriculated graduate student.

All students must present evidence of previous equivalent coursework or complete the following courses. Students may petition the BME Graduate Program Director for waiver from these requirements for compelling reasons.