Previous Graduate Research: Theses and Dissertations

Biophysical enhancement of CYR 61 expression to accelerate angiogenesis.

Correlation of myocardial strain distribution with cardiac pathology.

Modulation of thin filM.S. to enhance cell attachment to surfaces.

Neural network device to detect heart murmurs.

Biofluid optimization around mechanical heart valves.

Nature of the bone mineralization process as determined by a high intensity photon source.

Measurements of platelet activation induced by flow past a mechanical heart valve using assaying techniques and flow cytometry.

Measurement of Impact Pressures of Common ED Wound Irrigation Methods.

Numerical simulations of turbulent pulsatile blood flow past mechanical heart valves.

Developing an Inexpensive Auscultatory Expert System.

Segmentation of MRI images for Stroke Diagnosis.

Quantitative Brain SPECT Imaging.

Noise Analysis of Bayesian Reconsruction AlgorithM.S. in Emission Tomography.

Research in Emission Tomography.

A Bent Laue-Laue Monochromator for a Synchrotron-Based Monochromatic Computed Tomography System.

Gross morphology and bone density patterns in the knees of cattarrhine primates.

Use of low magnitude, high frequency strains to stimulate alveolar bone formation and reduce mandibular osteopenia.

Analyzing Gene Expression from Time-Series Data.

Cancellous bone architecture of the proximal femur of anthropoid primates.

Autoradiographic brain phantom for use in emission tomography.

Synthesis of new biopolymer-inorganic composites; studies of apatite formation on porous materials with 31P MAS NMR.

The functional role of the interosseous ligament in constraining high bone strains.

Frequency Domain Approach to Quantitative Brain SPECT.

Quantitative Chest SPECT Imaging.

Development of a diagnostic device for early osteoporosis detection.

Wavelet analysis of transmission ultrasound as a novel means to determine mechanical properties of bone.

X-ray diffraction study of biology structure.

Voice communication in telemedicine.

Segmentation of CT Images for Virtual Colonoscopy.

Optimum Motion Patterns for Golf Swings.

Interfacial Properties of EXXPRO (trademark) and General Purpose Elastomers.

Temporal expression of fracture callus genes.

Extracorporeal removal of plasma hemoglobin in sepsis.

Development of the Optimal Radiochromic Film Dosimetry System for measurement of IMRT Radiation Beams.

Development of Multi-Nodal NeuroImaging Fusion Approach to Study Rehabilitation of Aphasia Stroke Patients.

Recovery of Trabecular Bone from Disuse Induced Deterioration in Cellular, Morphological and Biomechanical Properties.

Anti-catabolic Role of Ultrasonic Mechanical Perturbation in Prevention of Bone Loss and Turnover in the OVX Rat Model : a Combined Empirical, Nanomechanical and Micro-numerical Simulation Approach.

Alterations to the mineral and collagen-matrix of bisphosphonate-treated bone and osteoblasts.

Nonlinear and nonstationary data analysis of the renal autoregulatory dynamics in normotensive and hypertensive rats.

Measurement of Hemodynamic Responses to Neuronal Activity and Drug Effects in the Brain: Combining Laser Doppler and fMRI Techniques.

Characterization of cellular mechanisms involved in CO2/H chemoreception using a mathematical model.

Strategies for Quantitative Neuroimaging with the Rat Conscious Animal PET (RatCAP).

The Involvement of Metal Ions in Alzheimer´┐Żs Disease Pathology and Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment.

Effects of blood glucose elevation on the structure and function of microvascular networks of skeletal muscle in mice.

Numerical modeling of blood flow in prosthetic heart valves and cardiovascular pathologies.

Enhancing Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography for Pathological and Functional Studies.

Shear-Induced Platelet Sensitization and the Development of an Activation Model.

Low-Level Vibrations Attenuate the Degradation of the Intervertebral Disc during Altered Spinal Loading.

Evaluation of Electromagnetic Interactions between PET and MRI systems for Simultaneous MRI/PET imaging.

A Light-Sharing Approach to High-Resolution 3D Gamma-Ray Detection for Positron Emission Tomography.

Analysis of chromatin binding proteins in D. melanogaster and C.elegans.

Development Of Biodegradable, Peptide-Releasing Fber Mats To Limit Burn Injury Progression.

Electrophysiological Approach to Extract Markers of Deficits in Reward Sensitivity in Drug Addiction.

Evaluating the Potential of Low Magnitude Mechanical Signals as a Means of Preserving Postural Control in the Aged and Disabled.

Development of a Simultaneous PET - MRI Breast Scanner.

Mechanisms Underlying Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Mediated Electrical Remodeling in Left Ventricular Myocytes.

Joint Genetic and Epigenetic Study of the Human Thrombocytosis in platelets model Under a System Biology Scheme.

Characterization of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis using Multimodal MRI Approach: Its Correlations to Cognitive Function.

Characterization of Intracranial Pulsatility in a Rat Model of Communicating Hydrocephalus: an MRI and Two-Photon Microscopy Study.

Development of the First Comprehensive Neural Connectivity Map of the Mouse.

Mechanisms and spatiotemporal evolution of intracellular Ca2 alternans in cardiac cells.

Local Chemical and Nanostructural Properties of Rat Cortical Bone are Altered by Osteoporosis and Pharmaceutical Treatments.

Optimization and Verification of a Novel Trileaflet Polymeric Prosthetic Heart Valve.

Cystoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography and Ultrahigh Resolution Optical Doppler Tomography for Quantitative Structural and Functional Imaging.

Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound: Countermeasure for Microgravity-Induced Bone Loss.

Alendronate and PTH Differentially Modulate Bone Quality and Reduce Adiposity in an OVX Rat Model.

Role of Fluid Shear Modulation on Bone Cell Metabolism during High-Frequency Vibrations.

Novel Carbon Nanomaterial Coating for Solubility, Delivery and Sensing.

Quantitative Ultrasound Techniques and Methodologies for Increased Diagnostic Capability and Fracture Risk Prediction.

Bone Marrow Suppression and Bone Architectural Destruction Following Sub-lethal Doses of Radiation.

Applications of Multichannel Brain Array Coils in Functional Neuroimaging.

An ex vivo femoral artery model to demonstrate inflammatory response and monocyte response following increased vascular wall shear stress.

Development of a Novel Immunization Platform.

Optimization of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis using a Cascaded Linear System Model.

Modulation of Rodent Central Respiratory Network Dynamics and Respiratory Phase Interactions.

Analysis of Principal Structural Orientation of Trabecular Bone Using Quantitative Ultrasound.

Low Intensity Vibrations Mitigate Cancer-Induced Bone Loss with Indication of Reduced Tumor Progression.

Mechanotransduction of Low Intensity Vibrations in Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Macrophages in Bone Marrow Niches.

Graphene Based High Performance Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent.

Development of a Line-scanned Dual-axis Confocal Microscope for Video-rate Diagnostic Imaging.

Three-Dimensional Macroporous All-Carbon Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications.

In Situ Chemically Crosslinked Carbon Nanomaterial Coatings and Films for Tissue Engineering Applications.

Temporal fidelity and functional dynamics in functional MRI time-series analyses.

Modulated-alignment dual-axis (MAD) confocal microscopy for deep optical sectioning in tissues.

Probing DNA dynamics with Fluorescence Cross - Correlation Spectroscopy.

Development and Characterization of High-Resolution Modular PET Imaging Systems.