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The focus of the Biofluids Research Group is the study of the dynamics of blood flow and cellular transport in the cardiovascular system, with an emphasis on flow-induced mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease processes and their progression. Pathological flow fields that arise as a result of cardiovascular diseases or prosthetic devices have a complex interaction with blood vessels and blood itself. Over the last decade, evidence has accumulated indicating that local flow-induced stresses alter the molecular mechanisms of the formed elements of blood, and have a major effect on blood clotting. The end result can be thrombus formation that can occlude arteries, or handicap the functionality of implanted devices such as ventricular assist devices (VADs), total artificial hearts (TAH), and prosthetic heart valves.

Our research is interdisciplinary in nature and encompasses concepts and theories from engineering, hematology, biology, chemistry, physiology and anatomy. The following represent some of the methods and modalities utilized in our research: digital particle image Velocimetry (DPIV), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), in vitro simulation and measurements of physiological flows, platelet assays for studying platelet activity and thromboembolism, flow cytometry, and animal models (sheep) to study free emboli formation in heart valves using transesophageal echocardiography (TE) and transcranial doppler (TCD). Our researchers work in close collaboration with faculty from Hematology, Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Math and Statistics, as well as other faculty from our Biomedical Engineering department.



The Biofluids Research Group routinely selects students (from high school, undergraduate programs, and/or graduate programs) with matching skill-sets and/or with sound background in the fundamental concepts of biomedical engineering, and lends an opportunity by means of a rotation system in which short-term projects are addressed, as well as possibilities of longer term appointments, such as research assistantships and post-doctoral training. Interested applicants are welcome to contact the Principal Investigator, Danny Bluestein, to explore the many research possibilities in our Biofluids Research Group.


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