Financial Support

The staff of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services at Stony Brook University is dedicated to assisting students and their families to maximize their financial aid opportunities by providing application and process information about available grants, scholarships, work opportunities and student loan programs.

Financial aid helps to provide access to a quality college education for all, regardless of economic background. The primary responsibility for meeting college costs rests with the student and his/her family. Financial aid is based on need and is intended to supplement the family's contribution.

All Financial Aid programs require the student to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress, both in the number of academic credits completed each term, as well as in the grade point average attained.

To obtain maximum consideration for financial aid, you must study the information available, follow instructions provided on application forms and other materials and pay careful attention to deadline dates. Timely submission of application forms and other required documents will enable the staff to process your requests accurately and on time for the start of classes each semester.

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